Clayton RFC COVID-19 Update

Our board of directors continue to follow the COVID-19 crisis closely. As things progress, it is important that we keep our members and fans informed.

This past week the Governor extended the stay at home order to May 8th, but also released details on a three-phase plan for lifting restrictions. As long as things continue in a positive direction, Phase 1 could start as early as May 9th. If progress continues over the 2-3 weeks following the start of Phase 1 then the state moves into Phase 2. This is the phase we have highlighted. Phase 2 lifts the stay at home order and lessens restrictions on gatherings. When this comes to pass, we are going to look at starting weekly touch rugby sessions with measures to still maintain some degree of distancing. We are hopeful that touch rugby can start at the beginning of June.

In the event that USA Rugby continues to have issues with their re-organization and our insurance may be invalid. We have set up a plan to purchase liability insurance for the club so that non-contact rugby can take place regardless of USA Rugby’s status.

As the CottonTown 7s is a mass gathering, the tournament will need a full lifting of all restrictions before taking place. As long as we don’t see a second wave of the pandemic hit North Carolina, the tournament could theoretically proceed as scheduled on July 11th, but the timeline doesn’t allow any room for delays. In order to provide some extra time and improve our chances of having the tournament we are looking at pushing the tournament back a few weeks. We’ll have a decision and new date set in the next week.

While there are still reasons to remain cautious, we are confident that there will be rugby in the fall with XVs practice starting in mid-August. Details on the 2020/2021 playing and membership cycle are coming in July. In the meantime, stay home, follow social distancing directions, wash your hands, and do what is needed because that means we get back to rugby sooner. If you need to get out, go support one of our many amazing sponsors!

Please understand that these timelines are fluid and may change. Our board will continue to stay on top of the information and make our decisions based on the guidelines and what is best for our members and club.