Club Management

The Clayton RFC governed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Board members serve two year terms with the club voting on three positions each year. The club also has a General Committee made up of appointed members tasked with specific jobs within our club. We also use various Committees to oversee Fundraising, Recruiting/Marketing, Tournaments, and our Land Development Project.

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2017 Executive Committee

President – Ted Hardy – Email:

Vice-President – Jason Niemiller

Secretary – Manosh Premachandra

Treasurer – Anthony Bevelacqua

Match Secretary – Derek Braun

Youth Rugby Liaison – Ed Dixon

President Ex-Officio – Philip Davies

2017 General Committee

Club Captain – Simon Potter

Player Welfare Agent – Walter Webster

Facility Project Manager – Jim Bartles

Wives Group Representative – Michelle Hardy

CottonTown 7s Logistics Officer – Jesse Rinehart

Coaching Staff

Head Coach – Rich Munro

Assistant Coaches – Ted Chapman, Manosh Premachandra, Ted Hardy