Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never played before. Is that a problem?

Not one bit! While there are many fine points to the game, getting the basics down is fairly easy. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the game.

Do I have to be big and young to play Rugby?

Not at all! Rugby is a game for everyone, regardless of age, size or fitness levels. Rugby is a sport for life. Because of the variety of positions and skills demanded in the game, players of all shapes and sizes can find a position. The Clayton RFC is made up of players from their 20’s all the way up into their 50’s. The Club fields competitive, social, and Old Boys teams which provides playing opportunities at different levels.

Do I need to be in shape to play?

It helps, but it isn’t a requirement. In fact, rugby is a great way to get into better shape.

How often do you practice?

The Clayton RFC practices twice per week. During the spring, practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday night. In the Summer practices are held on Thursday nights, 6:30pm, at East Clayton Community Park. During the Fall, practices are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6:30pm, at East Clayton Community Park. Each practice lasts about two hours.

What all do I need to start?

For practice, you only need to bring a pair of cleats, a mouth guard, and some water. Once you start playing, you’ll need to get to get a uniform (or “kit”), consisting of shorts and socks. The club owns a set of team jerseys for games. Clayton Rugby merchandise is available for purchase. You are required to have medical insurance to play and/or practice with the team. This can be acquired through USA Rugby during your registration process. Players are required to register with USA Rugby.

When do you play games?

Regular 15s matches are on Saturdays; traditionally starting at 1:00 pm. The Spring season runs from late February until early May. The Club typically schedules between 6-8 matches each Spring and at least one tournament. The Summer 7s season runs from June through early August. 7s Matches are exclusively at tournaments during the summer, which usually have an early morning start time. The Club typically participates in 4-5 tournaments each Summer. It is more relaxed playing season and optional for players to participate. The Fall, which is our main playing season, runs from September to late November. The Fall schedule typically consists of 6-8 matches.

7′s? What’s that?

Rugby 7′s is a variation of the game in which there are only 7 players per side (as opposed to 15 in the standard game) and 7 minute halves (compared to 40 minute halves in the full game). It’s played on a full-sized pitch, so with half the guys covering the same amount of space, there’s a LOT more running involved.

Where do you Practice?

Clayton Community Park (Winter) and East Clayton Community Park (Rest of Year)

Who do you play?

There are a number of Division 3, Division 4, and Old Boys (over 35) sides in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina that we will be looking at scheduling matches with in the future. North Carolina also plays host to some great 7s tournaments every summer. The goal of the club will be to look for competition in our region and save any sort of major travel for big tournaments.

How much does it cost?

Clayton RFC players pay $60/year for dues to the club. Dues go towards helping pay club expenses such as field rental fees, registration fees, referees, equipment, and social expenses among many other things. All players will also need to register with USA Rugby. That registration is $60, paid once a year to USA Rugby for your membership (called CIPP). This is not included in your Club dues, but is required by the USA governing body. It only needs to be paid once per year (August to August) and includes a supplemental insurance plan.

How do I get the latest update on club training and social events?

The club has several forms of communicating that you are encouraged to partake in. Information on changes in training and club social events are communicated on this website. The club also has a team Facebook page that you are encouraged to Like. It will also be updated with practice, game, tournament, and/or any event information. We also keep a club email list and club emails go out about once a week to keep everyone updated. If you would like to be added to the club email list, please contact us at claytonrfc@gmail.com to be added.

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